After studying this course you will
I used to struggle to prepare a sermon. Not any more!
Believe me, I know how hard it is to prepare sermons week after week.  I remember when I used to sit at the desk for hours, struggling to write a sermon.  I had ideas but I couldn't get them down on the paper.  Finally when I had something written I would read it over and it was terrible.  I would toss it in the trash and start all over.
What a waste of time.

I bet you have had similar experiences studying a Biblical text for hours, researching commentaries, making notes, but after all this work you didn't have a decent sermon.  I bet you have even searched the Internet for sermon ideas but everything you found didn't fit your personality or your church's need


Introducing the course that can
Transform Your Preaching

At Last, a direct approach to preaching, no filler, no theory.
You could attend college for 4 years and then struggle through another 3 years of seminary and not discover the secrets of preaching that you will learn in this course.  Bible college or Seminary will not make you a good preacher.

Bible colleges and seminaries don't teach you how to preach.
Oh,  they do a good job teaching the academic subjects.  At college you will learn the theories of preaching and the history of preaching.  But they do not teach the powerful, practical methods you will learn in the Preaching With Power course.  If a college could teach you how to preach, every graduate would be a great preacher.  Sadly,  they do not teach you what you need to know to be a great preacher.

32 years of experience are condensed into this course
It took me decades to discover the secrets that you will learn in this course.  I have distilled my experience into this course. It is designed to give you the tools you need to be an effective powerful preacher.  I have left nothing out

This course is not a bunch of useless theory.
  It is a practical guide to how to preach powerful sermons.

In this course I teach you a process for developing sermons.  No more wandering aimlessly through the scriptures searching for sermons.  You will learn a step by step method that will result in sermons that are powerful and interesting.  You learn to preach so that your congregation stays interested and wants to hear more.   
 "This course is the real deal. "


My name is Walton Marsh

   After 32 years preaching at least 3 times per week I know how to preach a sermon and how to hold the attention of a congregation.  I have learned how to allow God to use me to communicate his message.

In this course you will receive the distilled experience of 32 years of preaching. 

Everything is practical, tested out in real life, and IT WORKS! 

  I am not a Guru, or a slick blow-dried professor.  Neither am I an egocentric pulpiteer.  I am a pastor who had to learn to preach the hard way.  I went the route of 4 years of college at a state university, 3 years of seminary earning the M.Div. degree, and still didn't have what it takes to be a good preacher.  I have not always been a success either.  However, I didn't give up.  Instead I searched out the good preachers.  I picked their brains, observed their methods and learned from them.

   Today many would consider me a success.  I recently retired from pastoring a large thriving congregation, where I had thousands who listened to my sermons on the radio in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  Now my ministry teaching preachers the powerful methods and techniques I have discovered.  In the Preaching with Power course you will learn the practical methods of preaching that I use.  I will show you how to put this knowledge to work in your ministry. 

   My ministry is to help preachers everywhere be effective in what we MUST do well -- that is -- PREACH SERMONS.  You can have the benefit of all my experience, the benefit of my success and failures with this course.

   I don't blame you for being skeptical.  So just call me on my cell phone --(352) 339-3961-- and I will give you straight answers to any questions you have. 

May God bless your ministry
Walton Marsh
The Best!
". . .the best, most concise course on preaching I have ever seen.  Every preacher should go though it, even if he has been preaching for years."

L.M. - South Carolina

This course is NOT your typical internet junk.
This is a real course, not an e-book or a copy of some old preaching book written 100 years ago.  This is a NEW course written in plain language that teaches you the methods I have developed over the past 32 years to preach effective, dynamic, interesting sermons.

 When you order the course you will  receive the course manual containing 12 individual lessons.  Each of the 12 lessons cover a different aspect of sermon preparation and delivery. Each lesson is written in everyday language so it is easy to understand.  Every lessons is a practical - how to do it - explanation of a powerful method to help you.  This is not a course on theory or on the academics of preaching.  It is just what you need to quickly learn to preach with power.

Following each lesson are a series of exercises.  Ah, yes!  Homework!   Let's face the facts.  You need to practice the methods you learn so that they come naturally  and automatically.  So I have designed these exercises so that you can easily practice what you learned so you can apply these methods to 'Real life" preaching'  I did not load the course up with a lot of theory and history and other stuff you don't need.  It is designed to teach you the methods and techniques you need to know. 
You Will Learn the Greatest Secret to Powerful Preaching in Lesson 1
In the very first lesson I will teach you the most important concept of sermon preparation.  The foundation of all great preaching starts with this concept and without it your sermon is only a boring lecture.  Because you learn this FIRST, you can use it in your sermon preparation this Sunday and see a dramatic change in your preaching immediately.

You Will Learn to Preach From the Heart  - NOT from a Manuscript
You will experience a new freedom in the pulpit and your congregation will see the new you.  You will learn a method so you will be preaching from the heart and not from notes.  Yet, you will have the security of written notes when you need them.

You Will Learn to Be Interesting - No more Boring Sermons
You will feel great because your congregation is hanging on every word you say.  They are following you, instead of daydreaming.  You will learn methods of holding the attention of the congregation.

You Will Discover Freedom in the Pulpit
I will teach you a method of practicing your sermon that will implant it in your mind and heart so that you will have the freedom to follow the Spirt as you preach but still be able to stay on track.

You Will Learn to be a Great Story Teller
Jesus was a great story teller.  You can be a great story teller too.  There is a complete lesson dedicated to teaching you the methods of how to tell a story so your congregation will be sitting on the edge of the pew listening attentively.

You Will Save Time And Effort
Now you can have time for your family or your hobby.  Sermons will just flow from your pen.  You will learn a method of study that will save you tons of time.  There is an entire lesson devoted to how to study rapidly and effectively.  This lesson, by itself is worth the price of the course.

You Will Learn To Write Expository Sermons Too
You will not only learn the basics but you will also learn how to write and preach expository sermons that will open up the scriptures to your congregation.


You Will Learn What Are The Best Sermon Illustrations, How to Write Them
You Will Learn How and When to Use Humor In Your Sermon
You Will Learn How to Preach for a Decision
You Will Learn How to Organize Your Sermon Material for Instant Access.
Even though I have been preaching for over 16 years I am finding this course to be insightful and causing me to dig a little deeper in my preparation for each Sunday. I would recommend it to the seasoned preacher as well as those who are beginning 
 D.F. North Carolina

Thanks!  Your offer is as Tony the Tiger once said.......GREAT! and you can include my name if you wish.
Thanks,  Donnie Girard

60 Day Triple Guarantee
Don't Decide Now...Put it To The Test... Your Preaching will improve or you don't pay a cent

Guarantee #1
You must be totally thrilled with the course you're about to receive.  If after trying out this breakthrough material your mind isn't racing with new sermons and your sermon preparation isn't faster and easier - just let us know, and we'll refund 100% of your money. You have 60 days to put it to the test.  In other words, you have our  unconditional guarantee of satisfaction  -  If for any reason (or no reason at all) you're not delighted with this course, we don't want your money.

Guarantee #2
Put this course to the test.  Take 60 days and study the material, try it out, put what you learn to use in the pulpit.  If what you learn doesn't streamline your sermon preparation we will refund your money no questions asked.  You can keep all the valuable free bonuses as our way of saying thank you for giving this course an
honest try. 
Guarantee #3
We guarantee that the things you will learn in this course are 100% Biblical and ethical.  We want be above reproach so you have our personal guarantee that this course will help you as it has helped hundreds of other preachers over the past 3 years.  If it doesn't, just e-mail us and we will refund your money.
Dear Preacher,

     My name is Jerry Esters.  I pastor a church in Bluefield Virginia.  I started preaching twenty years ago but I was not able to drop everything and go to school to learn to preach.  So instead , over the years I have taken homiletic courses and other classes to try to become a better preacher.  They were somewhat helpful but I never got what I really needed. 
     But now I have found what I needed.  One day while browsing on the Internet I ran across the Preaching With Power course and it has opened my eyes.  Everything Rev. Marsh says about this course is what I experienced.  So I gave the course a try and I have absolutely NO REGRETS.  This course has opened my eyes to so many things I didn't know.  I want to recommend this course to every minister.
     Rev. Jerry Esters,
     Bluefield, VA

It's now up to you to decide. If you are serious about learning to preach powerful sermons you need to get this course.   I have put in this course the most powerful methods I have learned over the past 32 years of preaching.  I have distilled all my years of experience into an easy to master course.  I have gathered hundreds of dollars worth of additional material to give you absolutely free.  I am so sure this course will empower your sermons we are willing to give you 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied so you risk nothing.  Plus we are making time available to you for individual attention and help.  We are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

Now you need to do one of two things.  Pick up the phone and give us a call and let us get your course sent to you today, or simply, click on one of the ordering buttons above.

May God bless your ministry,
P.P.S.  If you have any questions about the course, just email us or give us a call and we will be glad to give you the answers.  (352) 339-3961 or email

I Recommend This Course

This course is so helpful I am recommending it to all my fellow preachers.  I thank you for your ministry of helping us preachers

C.J.   Alabama

Like a Recipe for Sermons
Pastor Marsh,
This course has finally given me what I needed to learn.  It is like a recipe for sermon writing.
J. P. Bronx, NY

It has been a wonderful blessing. Thank you.
 J.C - New Mexico

Your course has been a Godsend
Brother Marsh,
I have just started using your Preaching with Power course and it's already begun to help me see how to develop an outline faster -- and I'm only on lesson 3! 

Your course has been a Godsend and a wake up call for me.  I  have studied several homiletical books but they didn't give me the practical application I needed.  They were mainly the theory and not much help.

I've been struggling for some time now in sermon preparation. In fact, I was thinking of going back to school to take a homiletical course, but now I don't have to.  With your course I have all I need to sharpen my skills in sermon preparation.

Thank you so much and God Bless.....
Rev. Sean Davis,
 Fort Worth, Texas

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Barnes Notes on the New Testament.  This gigantic 5800 page homiletic commentary is filled with great sermonic material and is one of the most useful homiletic commentaries in the world. $99.95 Value

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See Sermons Everywhere
Pastor Marsh I want you to know that I'm a graduate from a prominent seminary.  Your lessons have taught me things that I didn't learn in that institution. Your lessons have helped me in so many ways, once I started going though the lessons, my eyes began to open in such a way that when I started to read scriptures I began to see sermon seeds everywhere. I cannot read scriptures like before, my mind and God's Spirit with the help of your lessons have enabled me to become a better preacher and teacher and sermon builder. Thanks Pastor Marsh for allowing the spirit to use you in this way.    W.J. - Georgia
"This is the most practical course in preaching I have ever studied."
P.P. -  Florida
New purpose in my preaching
 I am really finding the Preach with Power course of great value. I look forward next month to receiving my final set of lessons. It has really put excitement in my life and new purpose in my preaching. I'm so glad that God let me see your site on the Web and that He led you to write the course. I would recommend it to anyone!
C.G.- South Carolina

Helped Me Focus My Energies
I have just completed your Preaching with Power Course! I enjoyed reading about your method of preaching. The assignments at the end of each chapter really helped me focus my energies and become much more disciplined about my sermon preparation.
Thanks Rebera Foston, M.D., DMin
Made a Huge Difference
Bro. Marsh,
Just wanted to say thank you for your course.  It has already been a blessing to me.  I used the new skills this last weekend, and for me, there was a huge difference.  I have a bit more work to do on the illustrations, and the memorization-practice, and it will be incredible.  Thanks again for "not giving me a fish, but teaching me how to better fish for myself.
Bro. Wright
The Most Valuable Course I Ever Purchased
The course was for me one of the most valuable I have purchased, its benefits to me is beyond words.  One of my major problems was the length of time it would take me to put a sermon together and that in itself tells me I was doing sometimes wrong and sometimes they were far too involved.  preaching with power was a real blessing to me in that and countless other areas.  Thank you sir and keep up the good works.
Dear Reverend Marsh, I have enjoyed working with your preaching course.  I must admit I have not always had time to do all of the exercises, before going on to the next chapter. But I do realize how helpful that will be. . . . I hope you will consider adding some audio or video lessons and maybe a Preaching with Power Part II series.  Thank you 
R.F.  MD., D.min - Tennessee

You are not left to learn it on your own.  The best part of this course is that you get personal help when you need it.   While you are studying the course, if you have a question, or need help with any of the exercises all you need to do is call (352) 339-3961 for help.  Our ministry is to help you become a powerful preacher.
I have found your course to be the best
Pastor Marsh
Your program is just what it claimed to be, I have been preaching for 3-4 years and I am the Pastor of a start up church for two of them. I have found your course to be the best and greatest asset to my ministry.  Of all the courses and books I have read, this one has been the one that has given me the ability to preach with power. I Thank You for being there every time I have needed you to be.  Thanks So much I praise the Lord for you and your course.
Brother F.  Burl, Ma.

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Walton Marsh has gone to be with the Lord.  It was his hope and prayer that his ministry be continued.  The words and wisdom of Pastor Marsh are still available in his course,
Preaching With Power,
and other publications. 
Personal assistance with the course is available by calling 352-339-3961 between 10 am and 5 pm ET.